More power


Mechanical Injection with electronical optimization
→ Designed for Rotax 912 engines (replaces carburators)
→ Engine running without electricity

E-Meca is innovating by developping this mechanical injection complete system for Rotax 912 engines. It will improve and optimize the Rotax engines, carburetor equipped, while maintaining total reliability. 

Highlights :
Significant reduction in emission, consumption, and

     overall pollution 
→ Enhanced performance especially at high altitude 
→ No risk of icing
→ Optimal operating safety : the full mechanical system avoids any electric or electronic failure and allows the engine to run in a manual mode without any electricity supply : a proven reliability!

The technology of the fuel metering unit and the injector nozzles has been proven for 70 years in General Aviation. 

Available in 2020. 

Stay tuned ...

The European Union supports the FEDER Project E-Meca Injection n°PA0010190

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